Mental Health Awareness Day

May 2022

At American Roads we have some of the best people working for us! It is important to us that our staff know that they are valued. During times of a pandemic, political tension, racial injustice, and increased violence these can lead to stress or even depression which is not good for our health-physically or mentally. We recognize these difficulties, and we want to make sure that our staff understand the resources that we offer as a part of their benefits. Recently, under the leadership and planning of our DEI Committee, during Mental Health Awareness Month, we provided staff with self-stress tests, resources on how to recognize levels of stress, ways to mitigate stress, and resources available through our Employee Assistance Program such as counseling services.

We took a day at all of our locations, provided free lunch, and on-site chair massages by local licensed massage therapists during their workday!! It was a great experience and provided an opportunity to show them that their health-physical and mental is a priority. We have even started a corporate walking/step challenge contest in which our staff each set individual goals for daily steps that rolls up into their team’s step goals and we evaluate the winners after 8 weeks for prizes and rewards! Walking is beneficial for not only physical health, but it also provides an opportunity to clear one’s mind for reflections, gratitude and appreciation for nature and life.

We are in this together, creating a healthy and inclusive work environment is intentional and a part of our core values.

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